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Created by author S.S. Van Dine (Willard Huntington's pseudonym) in the 1920's, Philo Vance was a sophisticated, well-rounded connoisseur of everything from fine dogs and horses to Oriental ceramics and art, from philosophy and classical music to the art of find dining. He was a skilled archer, poker player, polo player, and, most useful to his career as a private detective, he was a keen discerner of human behavior. . In total, Van Dine wrote 12 novels with Vance as his lead character.

The radio series offered up a more down-to-earth, yet still highly intelligent man than the original book character. . Originally played by Jose Ferrer in an NBC summer series in 1945, and then by John Emery in 1946, the most commonly recognized Philo Vance was brought to the airwaves by radio star Jackson Beck., whose stint ran from 1948 to 1950 in syndication.

Cast: Philo Vance: Jose Ferrer, John Emery, Jackson Beck Ellen Deering: Jean Alexander District Attorney Markham: George Pétrie

There are 95 shows in our collection! Date Aired
The Case of the Cellini Cup-Audition April 29, 1943
The Girl Who Came Back-Audition July 26, 1945
The Case of the Strange Music-Audition August 9, 1945
Heavyweight Murder Case November 16, 1948
Tree Trunk Murder Case November 23, 1948
Blackjack Murder Case November 30, 1948
Star Studded Murder Case December 7, 1948
Murdock Murder Case December 14, 1948
Vanilla Murder Case December 21, 1948
Rhumba Murder Case December 28, 1948
The Cover Girl Murder Case October 12, 1948
The Bulletin Murder Case October 5, 1948
The Argus Murder Case September 28, 1948
The Eagle Murder Case July 13, 1948
The Merry Murder Case July 20, 1948
The Poetic Murder Case August 24, 1948
The Coachman Murder Case August 31, 1948
The Midget Murder Case September 7, 1948
The Blue Lady Murder Case September 14, 1948
The Backstage Murder Case September 21, 1948
Idol Murder Case January 25, 1949
Golden Murder Case February 1, 1949
Flying Murder Case February 8, 1949
Butler Murder Case February 15, 1949
Herringbone Murder Case February 22, 1949

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